Karabo Magongwa age

Karabo is one of the most adored faces on TV.

Karabo Magongwa (born in 2008) is an award-winning South African child actress. She is a familiar face on TV for playing Keletso in the soap opera House of Zwide. She started making appearances on television commercials in 2013.

The bubbly actress played a role in a television commercial for Oreos in 2013. She has landed many roles in other television productions, such as Abomama, Imposter, and Bones of My Bones.

Karabo Magongwa
Karabo Magongwa biography
Karabo Magongwa is an award-winning actress with many acting credits.
Full name:Karabo Magongwa
Born:2008 (age 15 years old)
Place of birth:South Africa
Parent:Patricia Magongwa
Nationality:South African
Education: Johannesburg Institutional Primary School
Years active:2013-date
Known for:Oreo commercial
Awards:Outstanding Young Performer at the 6th Royalty Soapie Awards

Early Life

Karabo Magongwa was born and bred in South Africa. Her mother, Patricia Magongwa, has supported her since her younger days. Patricia registered her with an agency, which helped her to win the Oreo role.

The young actress fell in love with the screen at an early stage. She once told her mother that she would appear on the small screen. After three years, the actress won the hearts of many television viewers.


The talented actress attended the Johannesburg Institutional Primary School. She was a Grade R pupil in 2014.


TV Commercials

Karabo Magongwa commercials
Karabo Magongwa has appeared in many television commercials.

Karabo Magongwa became famous on television as the Oreo girl. She won the hearts of viewers with the advertisement. She explains to her television dad the intricacies of eating a biscuit

So her father asked her why she wouldn’t share her biscuit, and Karabo replied, “It’s complicated.” Buzzfeed, a digital media, voted it the cutest kid advert ever. 

She appeared in the Standard Bank app for tablets commercial as a spunky girl following her dad to the ATM.


Karabo Magongwa has appeared in many television shows, soap operas, and productions. She was a cast member, Tjontjo, in the first and second seasons of the Mzansi Magic drama series Abomama.

Azania is her role in season one of the Mzansi Magic drama series aYeYe. She landed the role of Malefo in the SABC2 drama Bone of My Bones. She played Keletso in seasons one and two of an eTV soap opera, House of Zwide.

Appearing as Lesedi in season two of the Mzansi Magic drama Imposter further thrust her into the limelight. She played Tshepiso in the SABC1 Drama Mina Nawe and Ntombi in the Mzansi Magic telenovela The Road.

Metro FM, an urban radio station, hosted Karabo on 30 June 2022. She won Outstanding Young Performer at the 6th Royalty Soapie Awards.

Social Profiles

Karabo Magongwa picture
Karabo Magongwa has a decent following on Instagram and Tiktok.

Karabo Magongwa has a decent following and engagements on social media, thanks to her creativity. She posts bubbly pictures and videos of herself.

The actress also posts about her roles and achievements in showbiz. Her natural beauty interests her audience, who reacts in admiration.

Personal Life

Karabo Magongwa is single. Her number one supporter is her mother, who supported her since childhood. She registered young Karabo at an agency, which led to her bagging the Oreo role.

Her hairstyle has interested many who admire her. She keeps a natural hairstyle and often makes a ponytail or two. Sometimes, she packs the hair without plaiting.


  • Abomama as Tjontjo
  • aYeYe as Azania
  • Bone of My Bones as Malefo
  • Imposter as Lesedi
  • House of Zwide as Keletso
  • Mina Nawe as Tshepiso
  • The Road as Ntombi as Nomsa