Bafana Mahungela age

Bafana Mahungela is linked to the murder of Sandton school teacher Kirsten Kluyts.

Bafana Mahungela is a 21-year-old Varsity College student accused of murdering Sandton teacher Kirsten Kluyts. He has been denied bail.

Bafana is in his second year at Varsity College and has four siblings. His parents are divorced. His charges include premeditated murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances, and rape in connection with the murder of Kirsten Kluyts.

Kirsten Kluyts was a 34-year-old teacher at Delta Park High School in Blairgowrie. She was allegedly murdered in a MyRun event in October 2023. She was found on a path at George Lea Park (Sandton Sports Club) in Parkmore after a search party went after her when she failed to finish the run.

Mahungela is accused of having a hand in her death. The state in the case says the bruised and naked body of the late teacher led them to believe she was sexually violated. Kluyts was 14 weeks pregnant and conceived through In-vitro fertilization.

Bafana Mahungela spent Christmas in jail after the postponement of his bail bid hearing. He was placed at the murder scene by CCTV footage as evidence. It allegedly revealed that he had jumped a locked gate to escape.

His father broke down in tears in court after he was permitted to interact with his family for a moment during a short adjournment in his bail bid at the Alexander Magistrates Court.

Bafana Mahungela maintains his innocence and claims that he only stumbled across a dead body. He claims that his only crime was touching and taking the clothes of the deceased to remove his DNA.