MaNgwabe Mseleku age

MaNgwabe had a roller coaster ride with balancing her studies and family life.

MaNgwabe Mseleku (born 27 December 1983) is a registered nurse. She is best known as the fourth wife of the businessman Musa Mseleku. She stars in the polygamous reality show Uthando Nes’thembu.

The reality TV star had to step back from running the company businesses with the rest of the wives. She needed to focus more on her studies. She had to make them understand in a meeting when others asked her to be serious about the family business.

MaNgwabe Mseleku
MaNgwabe Mseleku biography
MaNgwabe Mseleku is a registered nurse, a reality TV star, and a mother of two.
Background Information
Full name:MaNgwabe Mseleku
Born:27 December 1983
Nationality:South African
Occupation:Nurse, reality TV star
TV Show:Uthando Nes’thembu
Spouse:Musa Mseleku
Children:Mawande, Zenande

Early Life

MaNgwabe Mbali Mseleku was born 27 December 1983 in South Africa.


MaNgwabe is a nurse and shows excitement to continue. She would like to focus on community healthcare and is a member of the wives’ talk show. She was working to obtain more qualifications.

Although MaNgwabe doesn’t want to be a doctor but wants to manage a health institution. She wants to encourage young women to wake up and study. 

MaNgwabe returned to season two of the reality show Uthando Nes’thembu: Love and Polygamy with her husband and co-wives. The polygamous reality show on Mzansi Magic follows the businessman Musa Mseleku and his four wives.

Personal Life

MaNgwabe is married to the businessman Musa Mseleku. She has two daughters named Mawande and Zenande.

Her youngest child, Zenande, was born with a Cleft palate. She is the fourth wife, while her co-wives are Macele, Mayeni, and Makhumalo Mseleku.


MaNgwabe met up with her mother to ask permission to file a divorce in 2022. The request disturbed her mother since she was part of a polygamous marriage herself.

However, she replied to MaNgwabe that she could not bring herself to advise her to leave. “If you are no longer happy in love, I won’t force you to stay in that fire,” she said.